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Hotel Gamper joins Ticino Ticket

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Hotel Gamper joins Ticino Ticket

Save time and appreciate more every minute of your vacation

With Ticino Ticket you are free to move to every corner of Switzerland’s southernmost canton.
Lakes, rivers and mountains – all at your fingertips with Ticino Ticket!

From summer 2021, the Ticino Ticket becomes digital and you can receive it directly on your smartphone. As of January 2022, it is further transformed and takes even less time to check in, activation is done independently, and there is less use of paper and ink.

In short, a perfect solution for environmental sustainability!

Who is eligible to receive the Ticino Ticket?

All those who stay overnight in our hotel will be entitled to have the Ticino Ticket

Take a look and download the prospectus of all 2023 partners and reductions